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May 2011 Update:

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued a Notice of Acceptance for HRVR's Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

The official acceptance document from the NYS DEC can be viewed here:
2011 May 4_Hudson River Valley Resort Final DEIS Acceptance

As of May 4, 2011, the DEC has 'accepted' HRVR's DEIS as a public document and the DEIS is now officially under review by Involved and Interested Agencies and by the general public. 

The public comment period will last sixty days and a public hearing has already been scheduled for:

The DEIS document, including all appendices, is available for public review at the following locations:

  • Downloadable from this web-site -- follow links below
  1. Table of Contents, List of Consultants, Acronyms, List of Appendices
  2. Draft Environmental Impact Statement REPORT
  3. Draft Environmental Impact Statement APPENDICES

    Files G-1 and G-2 within Appendix K.1 Master Development Plan can be downloaded separately here.
    They are also contained in the complete APPENDICES.
  • Digital and hard (paper) copies at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 3 Office: 21 South Putt Corners Road, New Paltz, NY 12561. Contact Brenda Griffin at 845.356.3052 to schedule times for review
  • Digital and hard (paper) copies at the Town of Rosendale, Supervisor's Office: 424 Main Street, Rosendale, NY 12472. 845.658.3159
  • Digital and hard (paper) copies at the Town of Rosendale Library: 264 Main Street, Rosendale, NY 12472. 845.658.9013


November 2010 Update:

DEC provides comprehensive comments on DEIS 'acceptance'

Six months after the submission of the DEIS, the DEC provided comprehensive comments regarding the 'completeness' of the DEIS. ('Completeness' refers to adequately addressing all items of the Final Scoping Document). These comments include comments from the Town of Rosendale Environmental Commission and were provided to HRVR in a memo on October 5th, 2010. This memo can be viewed here: HRVR March DEIS adequacy.pdf.

The DEC comments list four "Major Adequacy Issues" and over 60 "Minor Adequacy Issues". The four major adequacy issues are related to:
Karst and Hydro-geology
Survey Protocols for Bats
Visual Impacts
Alternative Development Plans

HRVR is currently working with the DEC to address all of the above issues and will resubmit the DEIS as soon as possible.

Once HRVR resubmits the DEIS, the next steps in the process will be for the DEC to 'accept' the DEIS for public review by all involved and interested agencies. Soon after the DEIS is accepted, the DEC will schedule a public hearing at which the public will have the opportunity to formally comment on the DEIS.


April 2010 Update:

The DEC informed HRVR on April 20th, 2010 that HRVR's DEIS is incomplete for two reasons.
See 2010 Apr 20 DEC DEIS Incomplete.pdf for DEC Letter to HRVR.

First, the DEC had not yet reviewed Endangered Species Protocols developed and submitted to the DEC by HRVR. These protocols establish the methodologies to determine presence or absence of certain endangered species on the site. From the inception of the project, HRVR understood that several endangered species were present on the site. In completing multiple seasons of Natural Resource inventories, HRVR identified additional endangered species that were not previously known to use the site. In all cases, HRVR has collaborated with leading wildlife biologists, the DEC and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to design the project to protect habitat and create a net conservation benefit for endangered species. At present, HRVR continues to wait for final approval of Endangered Species protocols from the DEC.

The second cause for delay of acceptance of HRVR's DEIS is the request by the Town of Rosendale for HRVR to hire a Karst geology expert to review the extensive hydro-geologic field work completed by HRVR as part of the DEIS. Though HRVR considers this request to be outside of the parameters of the Final Scoping Document, HRVR has agreed to work with the Town to hire a Karst expert to review the work completed by HRVR and its consultant (HDR) to assess the quality of the work and compliance with the parameters of the Final Scoping Document. Both HRVR and the Town of Rosendale have agreed that this additional review should not be cause for delay of the acceptance of the DEIS.

Once the DEC accepts HRVR's DEIS, the extensive document (approximately 5,000 pages) will be formally reviewed by all involved and interested agencies and will be made available to the public at large. A public hearing will be scheduled. HRVR looks forward to technical input across all the fields of study of the DEIS, including: geology, soils, groundwater resources, water supply, wastewater management, solid waste management, wildlife, wetlands, archaeological and cultural resources, community services, fiscal resources, transportation, visual resources, noise and air resources and greenhouse gases, among others.

HRVR considers the DEIS a serious and comprehensive effort to identify potential environmental impacts and detail mitigation strategies. Overall, HRVR considers there to be significant positive benefits for the Town of Rosendale and Ulster County with few significant environmental impacts. HRVR is committed to mitigating all environmental impacts to the extent practicable. Most of all, HRVR is eager for formal review of the DEIS to begin in order to receive technical input toward improving the project, finalize the SEQR environmental review process and move forward toward construction.

Acceptance of the DEIS by the DEC will give the public access to the 5,000 pages of studies within the DEIS and will address many questions and concerns the public may have.


March 2010 Update:

Hudson River Valley Resorts completed and submitted a comprehensive Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) to the Department of Environmental Conservation (Lead Agency) and the Town of Rosendale on March 26th, 2010.


April 2009 Update:

The Department of Environmental Conservation has released the Final Scoping Document for the project's Draft Environmental Impact Statement. To view or download the Final Scoping Document, please follow this link to the DEC and scroll down to Hudson River Valley Resorts.

The SEQR process is the State of New York’s formal mechanism to review development projects for potential environmental, social and community impacts, identify mitigation strategies and evaluate alternatives. (See for an overview).  An initial step in the SEQR process is to determine if a project is Type 1 or Type 2; type 1 projects require SEQR review and an initial “positive” or “negative” declaration of impacts.  A “positive” declaration of a Type 1 project requires a full SEQR review which includes the preparation and public review of Draft  and Final Environmental Impact Statements.

The Hudson River Valley Resorts project initiated the NY State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process in November of 2007 through the submission of the “long Environmental Assessment Form” and related materials. Given the presence of endangered species on the project site, HRVR’s initial submission presumed a Type 1, Positive Declaration.  As part of this initial submission, HRVR included a preliminary conceptual plan for the project, a Draft Scoping Document for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, and a proposed zoning text amendment and zoning petition to amend the Rosendale zoning code.  The November 2007 Draft Scoping Document addressed a broad range of anticipated environmental, social and community impacts as part of HRVR’s commitment to a comprehensive SEQR review. The zoning petition seeks to clarify ambiguities in the Rosendale zoning code related to the mixed use of resorts and residences.  These submission documents can be downloaded below:

November 20, 2007 HRVR SEQR Submission:
2007 Nov 20 EAF Submission Letter.pdf
2007 Nov 20 Overall Concept Plan (Exhibit A).pdf
2007 Nov 20 Concept Plan – development area (Exhibit B).pdf
2007 Nov 20 Full EAF (Exhibit C).pdf
2007 Nov 20 Proposed Amendment to Zoning (Exhibit D).pdf
2007 Nov 20 Draft Scoping Document (Exhibit E).pdf
2007 Nov 20 Zoning Petition.pdf

Designation of Lead Agency

After months of deliberation, Commissioner Grannis of the NY DEC ruled that Region 3 of the NY DEC would be Lead Agency for the HRVR project on July 2, 2008. Commissioner Grannis’ ruling can be viewed here:

2008 July 2 Lead Agency Determination.pdf

Positive Declaration

On August 4, 2008, and as anticipated, Region 3 of the NY DEC issued a “Positive Declaration” for the HRVR project. This ruling can be viewed here:

2008 August 4 SEQR Positive Declaration.pdf

Revisions to Scoping Document for Draft Environmental Impact Statement

On July 31, 2008, Director of Region 3 of DEC William Janeway, other DEC staff, representatives of the Town of Rosendale Board of Supervisors and Planning Board and HRVR met to discuss the SEQR process and the Scoping Document for the DEIS. DEC requested HRVR to submit a Revised Scoping Document after reviewing public comments received by the DEC during the period of November 2007 and July 2008. HRVR submitted a Revised Scoping Document that addressed public concerns on August 8, 2008. This version of the Scoping Document and the corresponding letter to DEC can be seen here:

2008 Aug 8 DEC Memo Revised Scope.pdf
2008 Aug 8 Revised Scope.pdf

During August of 2008, DEC staff conducted two site visits to the Williams Lake property to familiarize DEC staff with the site and the development plan. One of these site visits included a meeting focused on Endangered Species and suggested additions to the Scoping Document.

Over the course of August and September, 2008, HRVR, the Town of Rosendale continued to review and comment the Scoping Document.  On September 17, the DEC provided HRVR with a revised Scoping Document that integrated DEC, Town of Rosendale and HRVR comments.  The September 17 Scoping document can be viewed here:

2008 Sept 17 Revised Draft Scope.pdf

Public Scoping Session for DEIS

On September 17, 2008, the DEC released the Draft Scope for public review and announced there would be Public Scoping Session on October 29th at 7pm at the Rosendale Recreation Center. The Notice of Public Scoping Session can be viewed here:

2008 Sept 17 Notice of Public Scoping Meeting.pdf

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

Hudson River Valley Resorts values the SEQR process as an important safeguard to ensure the development meets HRVR’s high standards for sustainability and mitigates environmental impacts and public concerns related to the  project.  HRVR continues to commission and complete technical and scientific studies with high quality consultants to generate the data necessary to complete the DEIS document.



SEQR Involved Agencies -SEQR Interested Agencies
- Sources of Inspiration - Local and Regional Resources

SEQR Involved Agencies


New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Town of Rosendale Board of Supervisors

Town of Rosendale Planning Board

Ulster County Planning Department

Ulster County Department of Health

Ulster County Department of Highway and Bridges




SEQR Interested Agencies


NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

US Army Corps of Engineers

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Town of Rosendale Highway Department

Town of Rosendale Environmental Commission

Ulster County Area Transit



Sources of Inspiration


Canopy Development

US Green Building Council

Urban Land Institute

Pattern for Progress

Sustainable Hudson Valley

Century House

New Urbanism

The Not So Big House



Local and Regional Resources


Rosendale Zoning Code

Rosendale Chamber of Commerce

Ulster County Chamber of Commerce

Ulster County Development Corporation




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